Wedding Photography and Videography in Daytona Beach, Florida

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Individual Publicity Portraits

Group Publicity Portraits

Commercial  Photography & Video Production Mission Statement

We believe the key components to good business relationships are simple. We do what we promise, for the cost we promise, & deliver the best work possible, and do it on time.

Costs & Budgets

We price our jobs on an hourly fee basis to keep  the process as simple and predictable as possible for the Client.  We understand our Clients prefer to know a fixed cost in advance.  Our shooting rates for Photography & Videography are the same: 

  • $175/hr Shooting rate
  •  $ 75/hr Graphics/Editing rate
  • Publicity Head Shots are $175 (this includes Photoshop touch up - hi res file, low res file & b&w hi res file, with Copyright).